Hypothetical Examples Of (Lawbreaking) Vigilante Action

So far, we have provided two hypothetical (imaginary) examples of (lawbreaking) vigilante action based on numerous, real life, historical events. Their purpose is to show that (lawbreaking) vigilantism can be successful. However, martial action of any form must also never be lawbreaking and, if you know the law, it never has to be lawbreaking.

Hypothetical Example 2 Of (Lawbreaking) Vigilante Action: Gang Drive-By Baby Killers

Situation: A car drives by a home and fires guns into the home, killing a newborn baby.

Discovery: We find out about it the next day.

Our Response: We report the incident to the police and find out that they had already been informed.

Police Response: Police investigate and fail to find out who the killers were.

Our Response: We speak with our contacts in the neighborhood and find out the gang with whom the killers are associated. We provide this information to the police.

Follow-Up: Police question gang but cannot identify the killers.

Our Response: We seek to identify the killers. Gang will not cooperate. We make a threat assessment and a PCPA (police/courts protection ability) assessment, and develop a response plan.

Follow-Up: Three masked individuals deliver an ultimatum to the gang to give up the killers or suffer unspecified consequences.

Targets’ Friends’ (Gang) Response: Gang refuses to cooperate.

Our Response: We make a second threat assessment and a second PCPA (police/courts protection ability) assessment, and develop a response plan.

Follow-Up: Mysteriously, every day for a year, at least one person wearing the gang’s colors has both of their legs broken by three masked individuals.

Follow-Up: There have been no drive-by incidents in the community for the past three years.