Hypothetical Examples Of (Lawbreaking) Vigilante Action

So far, we have provided two hypothetical (imaginary) examples of (lawbreaking) vigilante action based on numerous, real life, historical events. Their purpose is to show that (lawbreaking) vigilantism can be successful. However, martial action of any form must also never be lawbreaking and, if you know the law, it never has to be lawbreaking.

Hypothetical Example 1 Of (Lawbreaking) Vigilante Action: Husband Beats Wife

Here is our first hypothetical example of vigilante action:

Situation: A man beats his wife every day for a month.

Discovery: We find out about it at the end of the month.

Our Response: We report the situation to the police.

Police Response: Police visit the home.

Follow-Up: Man beats his wife every day for a second month.

Discovery: We find out about it at the end of the second month, make a threat assessment and a PCPA (police/courts protection ability) assessment, and develop a response plan.

Our Response: We confront the man and tell him that he must stop or he will be stopped.

Target’s Response: Man beats his wife again that night.

Discovery: We find out about it the next day.

Our Response: An unidentified pair of masked individuals meet the man on his way home from work and break his right arm then tell him he will get worse if he beats his wife again. Anonymous donors support the couple financially until the man recovers and can return to work.

Follow-Up: Man has not beaten his wife for the past two years.