ISIS Fighters Surrender, Crying, Begging For Mercy

Yesterday, 200 ISIS fighters surrendered, in tears and begging for mercy.  These 200 fighters were members of the IRS.  No, not the Internal Revenue Service.  Rather, IRS, in this case, stands for ISIS Rape Squad.  These ISIS rapists raped 10,000 women.  These ISIS rapists were promptly led to a firing squad and executed.  These ISIS rapists certainly got what they deserved and are now burning alive in hell.

Children Witness Sharia Law Imams Rape Of Their Mothers

When they were little boys, a thousand soldiers in the CJA witnessed their mothers being raped by Sharia Law imams. They have each sworn a blood oath to personally avenge their mothers with the death of a thousand Sharia Law followers each.

Original article: Children Witness Sharia Law Imams Rape Of Their Mothers

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