{FD} Hanukkah’s real meaning — Don’t just see the spiritual light, share it with the world

Even most Jews are unaware that the key to the observance of Hanukkah isn’t lighting the candles, playing with dreidels (spinning tops), eating latkes (potato pancakes), or giving gifts (in an imitation of Christmas).

{FD} 3 people arrested in firebomb attack on Swedish synagogue

Three people have been arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs at a synagogue in the Swedish city of Goteborg, the second anti-Jewish attack in the Nordic nation in two days. Jewish groups condemned the attacks as “unconscionable” and demanded that authorities take action.

{FD} Orthodox Jewish grade school in UK fails inspection for refusal to teach about sexual orientation

An orthodox Jewish girls’ elementary school in London has failed inspection for the third time because it refuses to teach students about homosexuality and gender reassignment.

{FD} Netanyahu spokesman: Mideast peace requires ‘acceptance’ of Israel

The spokesman for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News’ “Hannity” Thursday that peace between the Israelis and Palestinians requires “the fundamental acceptance of the Jewish State.”

{FD} Israeli court signals support for letting women pray at Western Wall

In a move seen by activists as a win for women’s rights, the Israeli High Court ruled Wednesday in interim injunction that the Western Wall Heritage Foundation and other state agencies must explain why women should not be allowed to pray in accordance with their custom at the traditional plaza.