{FD} Iraqi Christians in Baghdad nearly gone, but some shelter at Camp Virgin Mary

Just days shy of Christmas, dozens of Iraqi children fill the stage at the Alliance Evangelical Church in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood to sing “Jingle Bells” and rehearse their Nativity play. Odds are it will likely be the city’s last such performance.

{FD} Life after ISIS: Christians say they can’t go home without international protection

Residents of this small Christian town in northern Iraq were forced to flee when ISIS militants overran it in 2014. But now that the town has been liberated by Iraqi forces, the Christians who have trickled back are desperate to leave once again.

{FD} ISIS victims in Iraq, Christians and Yazidi, desperately need global aid, Vatican says

The religious minorities of Iraq and Syria have recounted horrific accounts of their abuse at the hand of ISIS as the Vatican calls on the global community to address the plight of Christians and Yazidi communities and bring them back from the verge of extinction.

{FD} ISIS, private militias threaten Libyan recovery, says former prime minister

As officials in the once-economically thriving nation of Libya struggle to revive oil production and establish peace, two major obstacles threaten its recovery: the influx of ISIS terrorists and the rise of transnational organized crime syndicates.

{FD} Second suspect in London subway attack arrested; terror threat level downgraded to ‘severe’

A second suspect was arrested on Saturday in connection with the subway attack at London’s Parsons Green station that left 30 people injured, officials announced on Sunday as the city’s terror threat level is downgraded to “severe.”

{FD} London subway attack: police raid home of couple who took in young Syrian refugees

British police raided a Surrey home Saturday that belongs to an elderly couple honored for their work with child refugees as part of the fast-moving investigation into Friday’s London subway bombing that injured 30 people.

{FD} Iranian TV host under fire after she’s caught not wearing headscarf, apparently drinking beer

A conservative Iranian state television host, who is known for being a proponent of a strict Islamic dress code, is under fire after a video emerged allegedly showing her drinking beer and not wearing a hijab while on vacation.

{FD} Turkey’s Assyrians fear annihilation after government seizes church properties

The ongoing legal conflict surrounding the Turkish government’s seizure of dozens of properties from the Syriac Orthodox Church has left the religious minority fearing for their survival in the land where it all began.

{FD} ISIS defeated, but not destroyed, as terror group still holds strategic swaths of Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi this week praised his soldiers for their “big victory” in almost entirely recapturing Mosul from ISIS, but much remains to be done in driving the Muslim terror group from the oil-rich country.

{FD} Orthodox Jewish grade school in UK fails inspection for refusal to teach about sexual orientation

An orthodox Jewish girls’ elementary school in London has failed inspection for the third time because it refuses to teach students about homosexuality and gender reassignment.

{FD} Hanna Böhman: Meet the Canadian woman joining forces with other women to fight ISIS

Hanna Böhman was working in motorcycle sales after a brief stint in modeling when the 48-year-old Canadian woman sought a higher purpose in life: fighting ISIS in Syria as part of an all-female group of freedom fighters.

{FD} North Korea helping Iran grow its ballistic missile program, details revealed in report

An Iranian opposition group has found 12 sites, not previously disclosed, where the Islamic government is developing ballistic missiles with the help of North Korean experts.

{FD} ISIS used Mosul church to abuse Yazidi girls, women, Iraqi Army officer says

In the basement of a largely decimated church of eastern Mosul, strewn between the bits of debris and broken glass, remains gut-wrenching reminders of ISIS’s depravity: tiny pieces of pink and yellow underwear along with flower headbands belonging to the very young Yazidi sex slaves the barbaric terrorist group took captive.