{FD} Florida man who exchanged sexually explicit messages with 9-year-old sentenced to life in prison

A Florida man was sentenced to life in federal prison after pleading guilty to multiple child pornography and sexual abuse charges and it’s thanks to a father more than 700 miles away who decided to search his 9-year-old daughter’s smartphone.

{FD} Marine’s 222-mile hike a personal mission to bring awareness to military suicide

This U.S. Marine is taking on a new mission of his own for the holidays, planning to hike about 22 miles a day over two weeks to raise awareness about the high amount of suicides among military veterans.

{FD} Navy veteran charged in Ashanti Billie death

Federal officials said Wednesday that a Navy veteran has been charged with kidnapping in connection with the death of Ashanti Billie, whose body was found behind a North Carolina church in September.

{FD} UNC cop posed as mechanic to infiltrate Silent Sam protesters, group says

Activists in North Carolina are outraged after they identified a UNC-Chapel Hill campus police officer who went undercover in an attempt to surveil the protesters who were gathering regularly near the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue.

{FD} Student yells ‘Hail Satan,’ tries to bomb UNC’s famous Davie Poplar tree, professor gets severe burns

A former University of North Carolina student who reportedly stripped down, yelled “Hail Satan!” and tried to blow up the college’s “Tree of Knowledge” on Thursday, ended up instead burning a professor who tried extinguishing the flames, cops said.

{FD} Couple arrested after 7 kids found living in ‘filthy’ conditions, 1 with maggots in diaper

A North Carolina couple was charged with multiple counts of child abuse after maggots were found in the diaper of an 18-month-old baby Friday, one of seven children in the pair’s care, in a home with “very filthy” conditions,” police said.

{FD} Bowe Bergdahl gives emotional statement at sentencing hearing, apologizes to wounded service members

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl unexpectedly took the stand at his sentencing hearing Monday — and choked up several times as he apologized to service members who were wounded in the years-long hunt to save him.