{FD} Pipe bomb explosion under principal’s Jeep prompts raid at science teacher’s house

Fearing a Massachusetts high school science teacher may be breaking bad, federal agents raided Susan Seery’s home searching for evidence she constructed a homemade pipe bomb that exploded under a principal’s Jeep last month.

{FD} Ben Shapiro fires back at Tufts students who say his rhetoric puts them in ‘danger’

Tufts University is the latest front in the war over Ben Shapiro, the conservative commentator who’s suddenly become a controversial campus invite, with liberal students at the Massachusetts college saying Shapiro’s mere presence puts them in “tangible amounts of danger.”

{FD} Massachusetts State Police colonel retires amid criticism of altered report

The superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police abruptly announced his retirement on Friday amid accusations that a trooper was forced to alter a police report for a judge’s daughter to avoid embarrassing them.

{FD} Aaron Hernandez’s brain suffered severe CTE, researcher says

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez suffered substantial damage to parts of the brain that affect memory, judgment and behavior from the most severe case of a degenerative disease linked to head blows ever found in someone so young, a researcher said Thursday.