{FD} Larry Nassar’s former boss, Michigan State Dean William Strampel, steps down

Michigan State University has now seen its first administrator resign since Larry Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for child pornography charges and 10 counts of sexual assault.

{FD} Democrat Conyers used his power to protect himself, top staffer in sexual harassment cases, accuser says

One of the women accusing the powerful Democratic Rep. John Conyers of sexual harassment claimed to Fox News on Wednesday night that in addition to touching her inappropriately, he also failed to protect her when one of his top staffers assaulted her.

{FD} John Conyers’ long history of controversy surfaces amid misconduct allegations

It was 1998 when Rep. John Conyers allegedly touched a female ex-staffer in the front seat of his car while “erratically” driving on the highway without her consent, and she claims she was “saved” only because the police pulled him over.

{FD} Conyers accused of taking staff meeting in his underwear, ordering subordinate to babysit his kid

No one had to guess whether Rep. John Conyers wore boxers or briefs, according to a former key staffer, who said the embattled Michigan lawmaker once showed up to a meeting sporting only his skivvies.

{FD} Eco-terrorism? Anti-pipeline video game under fire for putting lives at risk, group says

An assistant professor at Michigan State University created a game that allows users to destroy imaginary oil pipelines — something one energy industry group claims is tantamount to taxpayer-funded encouragement of “eco-terrorism.”