{FD} Pelosi claim that GOP invites violent criminals to carry concealed weapons gets her ‘Three Pinocchios’

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has earned “Three Pinocchios” from The Washington Post’s fact checker for a tweet claiming that House Republicans are inviting violent criminals, domestic abusers and convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons.

{FD} Texas massacre spurs Indiana church to host active shooter training seminar

In a year when even the pews of a church proved to be no sanctuary from a killer’s aim, an Indiana congregation is planning a special training session Monday that organizers hope will protect people across the region in the event of another mass shooting.

{FD} Sessions orders review of federal background check system for gun buyers

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday ordered a far-ranging review of the FBI database used to check the backgrounds of prospective gun buyers, after the Air Force failed to report the criminal history of the gunman who slaughtered more than two dozen people at a Texas church.

{FD} Texas church shooting not the first time a good guy with gun takes down mass shooter

In the aftermath of the shooting, Willeford has quickly become an example for pro-gun advocates to point to when defending their argument that the best defense against mass shooting is a better-armed and better-trained civilian populace that is ready to defend itself, anytime and anywhere.

{FD} Trump Pentagon pick says its ‘insane’ for civilians to own semi-automatic weapons

President Trump’s nominee to lead the military health system said Tuesday he thinks it is “insane” for civilians to be able to purchase semi-automatic rifles like the one a gunman used to kill 26 people at a Texas church.

{FD} DC gun-free zones cause confusion over legality of gun carry even with a permit

Confusion reigned on Wednesday over the practicality of legally carrying a gun in Washington, D.C., even with a permit to do so as the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) disputed a researcher’s claim that total gun-free zones extend over most of the city.