{FD} Leave No Man Behind: Expert team prepares to retrieve remains of fallen WWII servicemen from up to 350 feet below ice

A 15-person team from the nonprofit Fallen American Veterans Foundation (FAVF) with the Defense Department, the Coast Guard, and Google Earth is preparing to embark on the search and recovery of U.S. service personnel missing in action during WWII in some of the most inhospitable parts of the planet.

{FD} Lost sailors’ story’s list of inconsistencies cast doubt on tale of survival

The two Hawaii women who say they were lost at sea never activated their emergency beacon, adding to a growing list of inconsistencies that cast doubt on the women’s harrowing tale of survival, the U.S. Coast Guard announced Monday.

{FD} Missing California kayaker drowned holding daughter above head for jet ski rescue

The U.S. Coast Guard and sheriff’s deputies say a 40-year-old father who went missing after his kayak flipped over was found dead, but only after he held up his daughter over his head so that a good Samaritan could swoop in on a jet ski and bring the girl to shore.