{FD} US Army sergeant killed in Niger attack not captured, despite reports

U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four U.S. soldiers killed Oct. 4 in Niger when ambushed by Islamic extremists, was neither captured nor executed at close range, two senior U.S. defense officials confirmed to Fox News on Sunday.

{FD} New York man accused of fabricating decorated Green Beret military career

A New York man fabricated his decorated military career, with claims of being a Green Beret, receiving medals for courage under fire and serving for 25 years all being exposed as lies, according to military documents.

{FD} US troops killed in plane crashes skyrockets in 2017

Even before the Navy cargo plane crash Wednesday, the number of US troops killed in plane crashes had skyrocketed in the past year along with the total number of crashes overall compared to this point a year ago, a Fox News investigation has uncovered.

{FD} Military members reassigned after having inappropriate contact during Trump’s Asia trip

Three military members working for the White House have been reassigned after having alleged inappropriate contact with foreign women during President Trump’s recent trip to Asia, a senior U.S. defense official has confirmed to Fox News.

{FD} Top Army officer says ‘significant amount’ of soldiers’ crime data not reported to feds

The Army’s top officer said Wednesday that his service had many “gaps” to fill when it comes to sharing soldiers’ criminal history with federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of this month’s Texas church shooting, which was carried out by an Air Force veteran with a history of domestic violence.

{FD} 100 lawmakers urge US army not to award Bergdahl possible $300G in back pay

One hundred members of Congress have signed a letter urging the U.S. Army not to award Private Bowe Bergdahl a possible $300,000 in back pay after he was given a dishonorable discharge and demoted for deserting his base in Afghanistan in 2009.