{FD} Politics like sports: Democrat-GOP, Moore-anybody but Moore, Michigan-Ohio St.

American politics is really pretty simple. One can distill the American political experience into a singular, collegiate athletic series, historically played at the end of the year by two of the country’s most-storied football programs, Michigan and Ohio, alternately in Ann Arbor or Columbus, respectively.

{FD} Dem Rep. Gutierrez testing waters for potential 2020 presidential run

After Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez abruptly announced his retirement Tuesday and endorsed a successor without revealing his future political plans, Fox News has learned the outspoken immigration advocate will be testing the waters for a potential 2020 presidential bid.

{FD} Democrats’ ‘DREAMer’ demands threaten spending bill, gov shutdown in coming weeks

A Capitol Hill showdown over the passage of a temporary spending bill to keep open the federal government past Dec. 8 is looming, as some congressional Democrats threaten to withhold vote unless immigration reform to protect so-called by DREAMers is included