{FD} Iran nuclear deal could unravel with Europe’s help, analyst says

As a new U.S. administration highly critical of the nuclear deal it calls “the worst ever negotiated” settles into Washington, a top expert says the agreement between Iran and several other world powers could fall apart — although the Islamic Republic would not pull the plug.

{FD} Reporter’s Notebook: Russians fear for privacy as hacking accusations swirl

The hacking scandal, widely believed to have been orchestrated by Russia, that led to the leak of a vast amount of material from the Democratic Party, is hardly the item of interest in Russia that it is in America — but the Russians have their own fears, security and communications expert Andrei Soldatov said.

{FD} Russian elections strengthen Putin’s hand despite nation’s economic woes

It was no surprise that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party took the lion’s share of votes in Sunday’s parliament elections, but the real suspense was in whether any genuine opposition would make it into the mix and if a repeat of the 2011 protests over voter fraud would resurface.