{FD} Ohio killings: Boy, 7, found shot to death after 3 adults killed, manhunt for ‘person of interest’

A 7-year-old boy reported missing after three adults were killed in a shooting was found shot to death in an Ohio home as investigators continue to hunt for a “person of interest.”

{FD} Baltimore homicides surpass NYC’s rate, Chicago’s per capita killings, so far this year

Baltimore is on track to reach a record number of homicides this year — beating out New York City in total and Chicago in per-capita — after two men were shot dead on Tuesday and another died from gunshot wounds in another shooting last month, topping the number of killings to 278.

{FD} Jessica Chambers murder trial: Firefighters say woman set on fire fought for her life

A longtime firefighter said Wednesday he had never seen a victim so badly burned when he found a young Mississippi woman lying on the ground -- barely able to sleep with blisters covering her body -- before she died after being intentionally set on fire.

{FD} Slain coed’s boyfriend eyed in connection with murder, cops say

The ex-boyfriend of a slain 20-year-old University of Pittsburgh coed is being eyed in connection with the woman's murder, authorities said Tuesday, revealing the college student had recently filed a protection from abuse order against the man.

{FD} Texas Tech shooter was too young to have gun under campus carry law, police say

Signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015 and going into effect in August 2016, the campus carry law mirrors state policy that stipulates that applicants for a concealed carry permit must be at least 21-years-old and without previous felony convictions.

{FD} Vegas cops describe 12 minutes of hell in gunman’s sniper lair

Las Vegas cops described in harrowing detail Sunday the tense 12 minutes they spent trying to breach mass murderer Stephen Paddock’s sniper lair — and the paranoia that gripped them once they were inside.