{FD} Ohio woman killed, dismembered husband and kept body in containers at home, cops say

An Ohio woman killed and chopped apart her husband before placing the pieces in plastic storage bins that sat in her house for months -- until the couple's son inadvertently discovered his dad's decomposing remains, officials said.

{FD} Southern California wildfires force mass evacuations around Los Angeles

The relentless wind-whipped wildfires that have ravaged Southern California are expected to worsen Thursday, as dangerous winds are forecast to fan the flames in different directions and forcing new evacuations around the second-largest city in the U.S.

{FD} Southern California wildfires force thousands to evacuate, vicious winds ground water-dropping aircraft

A series of wind-whipped wildfires that turned parts of Southern California into a smoldering scene of destruction continued to rage unhampered Wednesday, as the vicious gusts that fueled the flames kept aircraft used in the firefight mostly grounded.