{FD} New York City brings back problem teachers full-time – for now

New York City public schools will re-open their classrooms this week to as many as 400 former full-time teachers including many removed for incompetence or other disciplinary reasons – an attempt to ease a multi-million-dollar taxpayer burden from a 2005 deal that unions have since used to protect teachers from being fired.

{FD} Virginia governor race: Candidates pull out political heavy hitters as showdown gets nasty

In a year where coverage of President Trump has generated TV ratings, limitless controversy,  and the world’s scrutiny,  the November 7th Virginia governor’s race between former Republican National Committee Chair Ed Gillespie and Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has been gasping for attention.

{FD} Chicago aims to hire 1,000 police to combat high crime rate, address surge in retirements

In one of its most ambitious recruitment drives ever, Chicago officials say they have received more than 10,000 applications for law enforcement jobs, ahead of the midnight deadline to “protect and serve” in a city grappling with a seemingly unending wave of high crime.

{FD} Trump says subpoena filed against him for sexual assault is ‘fake news’

President Donald Trump again slammed “fake news” Monday, this time denouncing sexual assault allegations made against him after a former contestant from “The Apprentice” filed a subpoena against the Trump campaign.