Warning!  This entire website is to be understood as an expression of anti vigilantism.  Also, do not attempt anything on our website without legal consultation.  We are experts in the law and know how to protect ourselves.  You are not an expert in the law and will end up in prison or worse.

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Wecome to our website, launched March 29, 2014.

Our website deals with vigilantism and when vigilantism is really a fight for freedom.  We want to be clear from the onset that we are not promoting the breaking of any laws.  Rather, we are providing instruction in how to know when it is time to, in effect (virtually, as if and not really), throw the law out the window.  Remember, the British, in 1776, called George Washington a “vigilante.”

Update: We have added additional explanatory material to The Accidental Vigilante to make it crystal clear to everyone, especially young people, that we have not, do not, and will not promote vigilantism in the Wild West sense, which is the regular idea of vigilantism, nor in any other, negative sense.

Update II: For those of you who are very young or very immature, note that words can be used in more than one sense. On our website we use the word “vigilante” in two senses. One sense is the regular, Wild West, lawbreaking sense. The other is a figurative sense in which we are talking about law-abiding people who have a need that is not met by traditional law enforcement.

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{FD} Malaysia says VX nerve agent used in killing of North Korean leader’s half brother

The banned chemical weapon VX nerve agent was used to kill Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean ruler's outcast half brother who was attacked by two women who rubbed the substance on his face at the airport in Malaysia's capital last week, police said Friday.

{FD} Morning brief: Trump to take center stage at CPAC

President Trump may have a rocky past with the conservative conference, but when he takes the stage at 10 a.m. ET (LIVE ON FOX NEWS CHANNEL AND FOXNEWS.COM) he will represent the best chance that conservatives had in decades for a sitting president to employ a conservative agenda. Kellyanne Conway, a top Trump aide, joked Thursday that CPAC will be ‘TPAC’ when Trump arrives.

{FD} Accused killer of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother went from singer to slayer, officials say

Malaysian authorities probing the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half-brother are now trying to figure out how one of the prime suspects went from 28-year-old Vietnamese beauty and singing contestant to alleged cold-blooded killer in a matter of months.